Alabaster Offering

Good Morning WVN!

February is Alabaster emphasis month. To educate and make aware of the importance of the Alabaster offering / program within our local congregations, I encourage you to visit the General Church NMI website. Ideas, media, and background on the Alabaster offering / program can be found and easily accessed.

I am asking pictures of the different ways our churches across WVN share the story of the Alabaster offering / program be sent via email to Traditional marches, pass the plate offerings, children’s little hands as they contribute their piggy banks, the faces of multi-generations in a church giving to the mission field, the new believer with that fire in his / her soul showing on his / her face as the offering is contributed -these are the shots I want to share! Thank you in advance for your participation!

Have a great week! Go and THRIVE!

Beth Wyers-Burgey