Work and Witness

The WVND will be taking a team to Pedro San Sula, Honduras May 9 -18th. While in Honduras, the team will be installing 6 community sized water purification systems. Each system is capable of supplying 200 families with purified drinking water for 20 years! That’s right, 20 years! What an IMPACT WVND is about to make!
Water Purification is not the only means of ministry our team captains, Chuck and Betty Gatian, have planned. Members from our district will be taking children’s personal care kits as a way to share the love of Jesus with some of the most precious people in Honduras -the children.  Below you will find a list of items the WVND WW team is requesting.
For additional information regarding the Honduras WW trip, products being collected,  and / or support for this specific trip, please contact our District WW Coordinators, Chuck and Betty Gatian, at 304-692-2971 or .
Supplies Requested:
Travel Size Shampoo
Travel Size Soap
Travel Size Toothpaste
Rubber Band Style Bracelets