Work and Witness Update – February 2, 2017

Greetings WVN Family
Recently Chuck and Betty Gatian have shared the latest information on the up and coming Work and Witness Trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  The team has finalized with 10 members. The members will be installing 6 water purification systems that will provide 200 families with clean water for 20 years! WVN is prepared to make a BIG IMPACT in the world! Exciting days are among us!  In addition to the water purification project, team members will be evangelizing to the children of Honduras by distributing personal care kits containing hygiene items.  Children on our district are working hard crafting bracelets that will be handed out to the kiddos as well.
I encourage each church to participate in this Work and Witness trip in some way. Prayers for safety, open hearts, and God’s will is requested. Donations towards the personal care kits is much appreciated! Chuck and Betty can answer questions you may have as to how you and your church family may get involved. There will be 10 go and set foot in Honduras, however, my sincere desire and prayer is they will be sent backed by an army of believers and supporters. We are CHANGING THE WORLD.
Chuck and Betty may be reached at  or 304-692-2971 .
Have a wonderful day!  God Bless! We are WVN and we are MISSION STRONG!